Another fire prevented by ENGIE Axima’s sprinkler fire extinction system

February 2018

fire fighting

The sprinkler system at Les Celluloses de la Loire activates again

A close shave for the company Les Celluloses de la Loire in Allaire (Morbihan, France). In February, a fire broke out in the early evening in a buffer area of the premises of this company specialised in moulded cellulose packaging solutions for the transport and presentation of eggs.

Cellulose, a highly inflammable material, is one of the high potential heat materials that are best protected with a sprinkler installation.

This is not the first time that the sprinkler system installed by ENGIE Axima at Les Celluloses de la Loire has protected the company's property and personnel. Once again, the fire sprinklers limited the damage and contained the flames that could have resulted in a dramatic fire, causing substantial human and economic losses. This time, 3 sprinkler heads were enough to contain the fire, enabling safe intervention by the fire brigade.

After the event, ENGIE Axima teams were quickly dispatched to the site to put the sprinkler fire protection system back into service.

Once again, ENGIE Axima's sprinkler system has proved its efficiency and importance.

One step further:

The sprinkler installation must be operational at all times to guarantee maximum safety for both property and personnel. It is therefore essential to test the sprinklers on a weekly basis. To help you with these requirements, ENGIE Axima can provide a sprinkler maintenance service, including sprinkler servicing and verification, thus guaranteeing a functional system, conform to all current norms and standards.