Industry 4.0: Using data to boost performance – 3 ENGIE Axima innovations you cannot do without

April 2019

1) Sharing a digital model for better design, better construction and better operations

With BIM, industrial projects are designed using an intelligent, collaborative and interoperable 3D model; a digital avatar combined with a database that is updated throughout the project lifecycle.

This system and working method bring together everyone involved in the project, at every single stage: management and definition of collaborative protocol phase, virtual design phase, construction phase, operational and maintenance monitoring phase. Industry-focused BIM offers gains in productivity, reliability and durability by incorporating intelligence in the planning component of the project.

For a large-scale project like ITER, an intelligent, unique, centralised and collaborative model was implemented right from the project’s design phase.

2) Performing maintenance operations using augmented reality

Using augmented reality headsets, operators on the ground can access virtual content set against the real environment in which they are working. They can access components’ attributes and embedded information on site, enabling them to refine procedures and obtain useful data.

Connected to Skype, the headset also enables them to contact an expert remotely. Maintenance operations performed in this way have proved to be more efficient.

At STMicroelectronics, operators will soon be supplied with augmented reality headsets or glasses.

3) Modelling data using algorithms and optimising maintenance

There is no doubt that tomorrow’s maintenance will be predictive. And all thanks to mathematics.

By employing the skills of a data scientist, data collected on the ground is modelled using an algorithm to obtain useful information to optimise maintenance upstream. Pressure, temperature, output, energy, etc. Put to the scrutiny of mathematics, this data can be used to optimise, plan, organise, avoid breakdown and ensure continuity of service.

Among companies already using ENGIE Axima’s Agathe offer are SOITEC, a microelectronics company based in Grenoble, Bouygues Immobilier and Paris Police Headquarters for its shooting range.