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ENGIE Axima's corporate commitment is driven by strong attachments on a local level and is made manifest by its actions concerning:



Since 2009, we have been committed to recruiting and sustainable employment on disabled staff through company agreements. This policy involves all our internal staff and it is applied through innovative actions.

  • A partnership with the French DYS federation (FFDTS) (for dysphasia, dyslexia, dyspraxia, dysorthographia, dyscalculia, dysgraphia or attention deficit disorder, with or without hyperactivity). For more information: http://www.ffdys.com/a-la-une/actualites/la-ffdys-signe-un-partenariat-avec-engie.htm
  • A photo exhibition "Persona Grata" on sustainable employment in 2014.
  • An e-learning handi-management module (in partnership with CNAM 2012), etc.

Diversity and feminization of jobs

For example, through a partnership with the "Elles bougent" ("Women on the move") organization. http://www.ellesbougent.com/

Work-study programs

On average, every year we take on 350 students on work-study programs, who are supervised in the company

Diversity at ENGIE Axima in pictures


ENGIE Axima is a socially responsible company and is committed to combating exclusion. Actions taken in this field combine accompanying individuals in difficulty alongside the Foundation Agir Contre l’Exclusion (http://www.fondationface.org/ ) and professional employment on our sites (over 200,00 hours worked every year)