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BIM Life

BIM is a revolutionary tool that guarantees the upgradeability of a building in order to maintain and even increase the value of the real estate over time. It is much more than just a simple 3D computer model of the design-construction of the building.
It is an active database that evolves, permanently linked to the life of your building.

As a designer, builder and maintainer of digital models for buildings and industry, ENGIE Axima displays and uses the static and dynamic digital data about your building, combining information data from BMS, CMMS and energy and comfort simulations, with the design - construction information.

BIM Life by ENGIE Axima is a digital avatar of a building that keeps track of work carried out, adaptations and optimisations made over the years. It can be used to predict the future performance of the building, to modify the way it is used and to adapt
to its users and the circumstances.

Check out BIM Life, the ENGIE Axima solution that supports your buildings throughout their lifecycle