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ENGIE Axima's BMS department – Automation department offers monitoring and control solutions in the field of naval infrastructures. Our teams provide all the development and commissioning services.

Our self-contained technical solutions

We design technically open solutions based on non-proprietary protocols such as Modbus, Modbus TCP, Lon, Sbus, Bacnet.
In this way customers are not tied to an automation manufacturer and can upgrade their site according to their technical requirements.

MODBUS ASCII or TRU RS485 support
MODBUS TCP Very powerful protocol recognized by many automation manufacturers
OPC Client / server protocol for interfacing PLCs and supervisors
SBUS TCP Equivalent to Modbus TCP developed by Saia
BACNET Open protocol recognized by many manufacturers
SBUS On RS485, recognized by supervisors of the type PCvue32, Panorama, Ifix, etc.
LON Protocol used by many terminal controllers
DALI Protocol used for lighting control
MP-BUS Protocol used for linking Bélimo actuators with PLCs
ENOCEAN Protocol used for "wireless / battery-less" radio technology


Department BMS-Automation
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