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ENGIE Axima’s roofing and cladding department is one of the leaders in building shell for structures with high architectural added value.

Cladding / Façades

Cladding / Facade

  • Single- or double-skin industrial cladding
  • Thermal and acoustic cladding
  • Siding cladding, steel, Al, stainless cassettes
  • Composite panels aluminum, mineral, wood
  • Terracotta cladding
  • Polycarbonate cladding
  • Perforated or openwork cladding
  • Stamped cladding
Roofing / Waterproofing

Roofing / Waterproofing

  • Single- or double-skin industrial roofing
  • Acoustic roofing and high-hygrometry construction
  • Large-element metal roofing
  • Membrane or aluminum roofing with integrated photovoltaic cells
  • Roofing subject to renovation or asbestos removal
  • Decorative roof covering
  • Elastomer and PVC membrane waterproof roofing
  • Waterproofing protection by gravel, slabs on paving supports
  • Engineered plant waterproofing
Our resources

Our resources

  • An integrated technical design department
  • Qualified workforce managing highly technical projects
  • A structure enabling us to work on sites of thousands of square meters of façades or roofing.
Our types of contract

Our types of contract

  • Public or private calls for tender, separate lots, consortiums or general contractors.
Our types of construction

Our types of construction

  • Sports, cultural and school facilities
  • Offices and housing
  • Industrial buildings
Our QUALIBAT qualifications

Our QUALIBAT qualifications

  • 3183: Roofing in ribbed or corrugated plaques (highly engineered)
  • 3213: Waterproofing in sheets of bituminous material (highly engineered)
  • 3271: Tray supports in steel and other metals for waterproofing (regularly engineered)
  • 3813: All types of cladding (highly engineered)