Specific engineering



Technical expertise in mechanics, electromechanics, gates and valves

  • Visual analysis.
  • Dimension measurement (manual, 3D laser scanning).
  • Thickness measurement (ultrasound, eddy current, etc.)
  • Sampling for analysis (paints, metals, etc.).
  • Diagnostics and advice on the state of the infrastructure, analysis of operating procedures
  • Interventions in difficult areas (work at heights, in tunnels, in high mountain areas, SS4 environment, etc.).
  • Report drafting with photos, models and diagrams.
  • Industrial computing and automation : project management assistance, control/command diagnostic of the operating equipments.


  • Linear and non-linear calculations.
  • Vibratory, transitional, seismic, thermal.
  • Explosion, impact.
  • Dimensioning calculation.
  • Calculations relating to structures, mechanisms and operating equipments
  • Fatigue calculation, etc.


Mechanical studies and design

  • Preliminary draft
  • Design – plan drawing.
  • Specialist projects R&D
  • Specialist machinery
  • Monitoring and manufacturing control