Our solutions

Our 3E commitments: Energy and Environmental Efficiency

Studies and support

digital design and modeling

Energy audits

  • Study of energy improvement systems - existing buildings
  • Improvement proposal
  • Overall cost approach
  • Financing plan

Carbon footprint of refrigeration installations

  • Carbon footprints of refrigeration installations calculated on demand using the method developed by the ADEME.

Consumption monitoring

  • Measurement campaigns
  • Performance monitoring
  • Supply of personalised tools and indicators

Commissioning process

  • Customised support - Complex projects
  • Continuous management of performance objectives throughout the project
  • Performance optimisation
  • Performance monitoring and operation support tools

Training - awareness

  • Communication and events campaigns
  • User awareness campaigns
  • Training in behavioral change

Contracts with performance commitments

Integrating innovatory solutions

Contracts with performance commitments:
Dedicated to the new building market, this offer can amount to a quality assurance or commissioning assignment, and it guarantees actual energy consumption of a building or piece of equipment after a short time (fully terminated period). It uses
digital modeling tools (dynamic thermal simulation), and a penalty principle, if the expected results are not achieved.

  • Guarantee of energy results in new building
  • Energy Performance Agreement

Maintaining the performance commitment:
Service contract and commitment to energy reduction on a site or a heritage site, associated with a maintenance contract with full warranty. Monitoring tools and follow-up methods are used: specific reporting related to the commitment and the bonus/penalty system according to the achievement of objectives. Specific training and support: energy management, communication campaigns, user training and awareness.

Energy performance contracts:
Overall contracts for the design, construction, operation and maintenance, plus user awareness with an energy commitment. Classification for the protection of the environment may apply either to a building or to a block of buildings, and include work on the building frame, on heating production, distribution and control systems, air conditioning, lighting and domestic hot water.