About us

ENGIE Axima is the French leader in HVAC, refrigeration and fire protection.

With a turnover of €1.4 billion in 2017 and 8,000 staff , ENGIE Axima has a unique design capacity in Europe with 1 200 engineers and technicians. It controls the entire process, from
design and implementation to maintenance and can call on their skills in the name of greater building energy efficiency.

ENGIE Axima relies on its subsidiaries and on the ENGIE Group’s worldwide presence in 70 countries to offer customized, innovative and global solutions. For further information, please visit our Export page.

Our skills


  • 1 200 engineers and technicians: an unmatched organization in Europe.
  • Know-how of new projects and renovations.
  • Expertise in specialized engineering (3D, SEMICAD).
  • Teams dedicated to energy performance.

Achievements / Industrialization methods

  • HVAC installations for tertiary and industrial buildings and for specific applications (marine, tunnels, etc.).
  • Air handling, atmosphere monitoring and control of process environments.
  • Fire protection installations (sprinklers and special installations).
  • Industrial and commercial refrigeration systems and gas compression.


  • HVAC maintenance contracts (P2, P3, P5).
  • Multi-technical contracts.
  • Multi-site contracts.
  • Results-based contracts.
Génie climatique, réfrigération, protection incendie

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