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Energie - Spécialités Techniques

Résumé du contrat

Installation of Clean Rooms and utilities for the PETAL laser for the Laser Megajoule (LMJ)

Nos prestations

ISO Classified rooms: 3 clean rooms rated ISO8 to ISO6 and 1 ISO6 vacuum stainless-steel enclosure 10-6 mbar

Ventilation: design, fabrication and installation of an ISO8 to ISO6 ventilation system including CTA, gas and hydraulic networks

Primary and Secondary Vacuum: definition and implementation of primary and secondary vacuum networks and associated controls

Extraction Nuclear Ventilation (NV): completion of NV-type extraction networks

CFO CFI Control and Command

Commissioning and blanking: adjusting all installed equipment and clean-up of the room

Qualification of facilities

Les atouts de notre offre

Comprehensive experience in the fields of vacuum and ventilation
Extensive knowledge of the installation / Customer centric communication / Immediate availability