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Implementation of PEPC cells for 22 laser chains (Laser Megajoule Project)

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ENGIE Axima contracted to design, manufacture, assemble, test and commission the start-up operation of a system providing Ultra High Vacuum and helium atmosphere within a specific containment vessel - PEPC Cells for LMJ Laser equipment.
The main function of the PEPC is the optical isolation of the laser chain by the creation, in association with a polarizer, of an open optical gate during the 4 critical passages of the pulse in the amplifying section and closed the rest of the time. A PEPC assembly, linked to a laser chain (8 beams), provides this shutter function. The project is comprised of:

- 8 PEPC boxes crossed by the laser beams,

- 1 electro-technical system delivering the electrical energy necessary for the creation of the plasma in the chambers,

- 1 set of utilities consisting mainly of a vacuum-fluid system and command and control instrumentation.

Les atouts de notre offre

• Extensive knowledge of the installation
• Customer centric communication, immediate availability
• Comprehensive experience in the fields of vacuum and fluids
• Management and project lead in the implementation of the command and control instrumentation