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Our expertises

Nuclear ventilation and fluid process, global solutions for a total mastery of your nuclear process environments

Nuclear ventilation expertise

Ventilation and air handling facilities enable control over the parameters required for the process and for human intervention: temperature, hygrometry, air renewal, filtration, dynamic containment of premises, vacuum cascades, fire sectorisation, etc.

These ventilation, filtration, heat/cold and fluid production and distribution systems integrate the specific constraints associated with fire, irradiation, earthquake, tornado risks, etc. to ensure adequate operation with guaranteed optimal safety, in compliance with all applicable codes, norms and specifications.

Primary and secondary vacuum expertise

  • ENGIE Axima intervenes in all areas of primary and secondary vacuum facility processes, up to 10-6 mbar, including pump units and the associated circuits.

We perform tightness inspections (Cofrend II) according to different methods (helium global test, pressure variation,).

Energy efficiency of nuclear solutions

  • Energy efficiency is an integral part of our nuclear solutions whether during design phase or during facilities operation life through (technical) expertises.

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