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Industrial gas


Industrial gas

Recovery and purification of CO2

ENGIE Axima designs and builds CO2 generators adapted to your needs (from a few kg/h to several t/h) that prevent you from being dependent on carbon dioxide supplies that sometimes come from faraway production sites.


ENGIE Axima has a strong command of CO2 recovery technologies from:

  • fermentation in the production of beer, alcohol, etc.,
  • the extraction of CO2 in fizzy mineral water,
  • the production of semi-finished products in the chemical industry,
  • the production of carbonic ice,
  • the use of CO2 in cryogenic deep-freezing,
  • the fumes from thermal power stations, etc.

To produce very pure, food-grade CO2, ENGIE Axima designs, assembles and installs gaseous CO2 purification units adapted to your needs, with capacities ranging from a few tens of kg/h to several t/h.

These units include the CO2 compression, purification, liquefaction and storage equipment. Depending on the applications, the liquid CO2 can be packaged in cylinders, loaded into tanker trucks or vaporized before use (breweries, sparkling
water sources, etc.).

Process gas compression

ENGIE Axima designs, assembles and starts up motorized compressors that compress gas to high pressures.

Gas liquefaction

We design units to liquefy all types of gases: SO2, chlorine, hydrocarbons, etc.