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ENGIE Axima Sécurité Incendie : a leader in fire protection and prevention

ENGIE Axima Sécurité Incendie is a subsidiary of the ENGIE Group that employs some 620 people in France.

The Engie Axima teams can call on their technical excellence and experience to deliver made-to-measure solutions to your fire safety problems by offering all types of extinguisher systems.

Our teams can adapt to all types of risks to protect people and property, relying on applicable standards.

Our solutions, which are also available on the special risks and export markets, are built on the know-how that we have acquired over more than 30 years.


In August 2015, Promat Sécurité joined the ENGIE Axima group.

Promat Sécurité is a service company that was founded in 1978 and specializes in fire detection, fire protection, gas detection, respiratory protection and recovery and rescue, onshore or offshore.

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Promat Sécurité also offers electronic navigation equipment for all types of vessels, from pleasure and river boats, to merchant ships.

Thanks to this merger, ENGIE Axima and Promat Sécurité can propose global offers to their customers that meet all their regulatory and budgetary requirements.

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Branch offices

250 000
sprinklers installed per year

ENGIE Axima Sécurité Incendie is the only installer of sprinklers (R1) and first aid hoses (R5) with eight branch offices certified by the CNPP. Some of them are also MASE-certified.

Promat Sécurité also has a number of additional certifications, such as: I7F7, Extinguishers (R4), Detection (R7), ABS (Marine), ISO 9001 and MASE.

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