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ENGIE Axima Sécurité Incendie and innovation

ENGIE Axima Sécurité Incendie adopts an innovative approach to its fire safety systems in a determined effort to remain one step ahead of new demands applying to fire safety and to lead the way to new, connected and more reliable fire safety, while cutting costs at the same time.


Thanks to ENGIE Axima’s innovation policy, you can now control and view the performance of your safety systems. We capture and give meaning to the data from your installations in order to prevent failures and to predict the end of life of your equipment. As a consequence, you have clear indicators of the performance and the state of health of your systems, so that you can conserve your assets and optimize your risk management.


With the integration of BIM (Building Information Modeling), PPE management software and SPRINKBOX (centralized management of fire alarms), plus the sale of fire safety, gas detection, respiratory protection and rescue and recovery equipment and the associated services on e-commerce platforms, ENGIE Axima has further strengthened its position as a leader in the creation of the fire safety systems of the future.