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Quality / Certifications

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Quality / Certifications

 ENGIE Axima and Promat Sécurité are both certified companies

All our certifications constitute a guarantee that our processes meet the regulations, our customers’ demands for quality and their demands in terms of safety.

ENGIE Axima Sécurité Incendie offers the guarantees of a company certified with:

  • APSAD certifications:

The only installer of sprinklers (R1) and first aid hose systems (R5) with eight establishments certified for installation, maintenance and verification.

Promat Sécurité also has the following certifications:

  • ISO 9001 (management systems)
  • APSAD J5/F5: Validation and maintenance of first aid hose systems
  • APSAD I4/NF 285: Installation and maintenance of extinguishers
  • APSAD I7/F7: Fire detection and installation and maintenance of centralized fire safety systems (CMSI)
  • ABS: extinction / radio / respiratory / VDR
  • ASAP certification: periodical requalification of portable CO2 extinguishers/cylinders for diving/air cylinders for breathing apparatus. Center authorized to apply the official stamp

Quality and safety are at the heart of our business and help our company to constantly improve itself in order to satisfy our customers.


Our technical department guarantees the technical and regulatory conformity of our offer and of our installations.

Its missions include:

  • checking and approving technical files
  • providing regulatory technical support for branch managers, engineering departments and contract managers
  • overseeing the maintenance of qualifications and regulatory inspections
  • keeping up a normative and regulatory lookout
  • delivering technical training
  • overseeing CNPP (the French protection and prevention authority) audits for the APSAD-certified branch offices (ILR)
  • liaising with the CNPP (requests for technical adaptations, acceptances, etc.)