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Breathing apparatus

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Breathing apparatus

Promat Sécurité is specialized in breathing apparatus

The staff at Promat Sécurité have been experts in this field for almost 40 years. They can advise you on the protection of your personnel according to the risks they are exposed to: masks with cartridges, half masks, evacuation masks, leak masks... A range of solutions that enable your teams to work in complete safety.

We offer a multitude of solutions suited to your environment that are perfectly adapted to the risks you face.

Our branch offices are located near to the largest industrial centers in France and our sales network covers the whole country. We are responsive and close at hand, so that we can propose solutions that meet your needs quickly and efficiently.

Promat Sécurité’s latest new expertise: the FIT-TEST


The FIT-TEST is a device that checks the airtightness of breathing apparatus according to the morphology of the user. This test has already been compulsory in the United States for many years, and is gradually being introduced in France, especially in the petrochemicals industry.

Today’s industrial manufacturers pay very close attention to these problems and make absolutely sure that their employees are properly protected.

This test checks that the mask is perfectly adapted to the user’s morphology and provides adequate protection.

The users wear their masks in a series of tests to check that they are perfectly airtight and well adapted.

A certificate of conformity is issued after the test.

Workshop tests of breathing apparatus


The self-contained breathing apparatus used in evacuations and the stock of anti-gas filter cartridges must be checked once a year.

These tests are recorded in the company’s safety register.

Promat Sécurité can maintain your appliances (masks and airtight breathing apparatus) in its test workshops, staffed by qualified experts in their field.

On-site maintenance of breathing apparatus


Promat Sécurité has its own mobile workshop that can visit your site to perform high volumes of checks to very tight deadlines. This mobile test facility enables us to meet the special demands of customers exercising industrial activities.