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Our solutions / Safety of property

Our solutions / Safety of property

ENGIE Axima Sécurité Incendie offers fire safety systems to protect your property

The teams at Engie Axima Sécurité Incendie offer responses adapted to their customers’ needs, thanks to a global offer for the fire safety of property that takes all the regulatory changes applying to the following systems into consideration:

automatic extinction by sprinklers, first aid hoses , the installation of dry risers, fire hydrants or prefabricated fire safety containers. The teams at ENGIE Axima, plus the know-how of Promat Sécurité, can propose a global fire safety offer that is perfectly adapted to protecting your installations.


ENGIE Axima can support and advise you for your entire fire safety project to protect your property

Our teams can help you from design phase to the implementation of your project, to protect you against fire risks, and with the maintenance and the control of the performance of your fire protection and fire-fightingsystems.