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Emergency lighting

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Emergency lighting


Obligatory safety lighting


On 14 December 2011, French labor law introduced obligations relating to the markings and the signage in establishments open to the public and in establishments receiving workers that the company management must install. Signage and lighting play an important role in marking out danger zones and guiding people to safe zones.

This safety lighting lights up the evacuation routes and provides anti-panic background lighting.

If the safety lighting is faulty, it must be powered by a backup source for at least 1 hour.

This power source can be a battery that powers the lights and the standalone safety lighting units, which are also known as emergency lighting units.

Maintenance of standalone safety lighting units

The maintenance of standalone safety lighting units is defined by the standard NF C 71-830.

Annual maintenance must be performed by qualified personnel, in addition to the six-monthly check of battery life.

These inspections must be recorded in an inspection report that is included in the company’s safety records.