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Maintenance, servicing and periodical checks of extinguishers

1300 extinguishers
maintained per year

Issue of
N4 and Q4 certificates

The specialist
for your extinguishers

Promat Sécurité is APSAD R4-certified, so it can propose the right service contracts for your installations.

There are two types of extinguisher checks:

  • inspections (visual) can be made by users themselves
  • maintenance, which must be performed by a certified company (APSAD- and NF Service-certified)

Extinguishers must be periodically maintained at least once a year.

The frequency of the checks can vary, according to the type of extinguisher:

  • Water and powder extinguishers:
    • Maintenance after 1 year, plus additional maintenance and renewal of the charge after 5 and 15 years
    • Workshop service and renewal of the charge after 10 years
    • Lifespan: 20 years
  • Carbon dioxide extinguishers:
    • Maintenance after 1 year, workshop service and renewal of the charge after 10 years
    • Lifespan: not specified

Recharging, servicing and requalification of extinguishers (every 10 years)

Extinguishers must be recharged whenever they are used. “Recharge” must be clearly marked on the extinguisher. Workshop servicing must be performed by certified personnel and requalifications must be performed by qualified organizations.


The APSAD R4 standard

This standard defines the minimum regulatory requirements relating to the installation and maintenance of extinguishers.

It is advisable to sign a maintenance contract with an APSAD- and NF Service-certified organization.