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Fixed gas detection

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Fixed gas detection

The installation and maintenance of fixed gas detection systems

Promat Sécurité installs and maintains fixed gas detection systems. The teams from Promat can repair and maintain your systems, guarantee their traceability (personalized monitoring of the installed equipment) and manage the installation (tracking of maintenance).

Promat Sécurité can offer a precise response to all your needs in terms of fixed gas detection, from small to large systems, or the use of existing installations. We will find the right technical solution to provide the best possible protection by fixed gas detection, in keeping with your imperatives and your budget.


Regulations applying to fixed gas detection systems

Fixed gas detection systems are installed in installations that use gaseous fuel, are operated without permanent supervision or are located in basements.

These systems cut off the fuel supply and switch off the electric power supply, apart from supplies to equipment designed to operate in explosive atmospheres, the very low voltage power supply and the emergency lighting, without producing any arcs or sparks that could cause an explosion. The equipment is regularly inspected and the results of these checks are recorded in writing. The equipment is regularly calibrated.

Why install a fixed gas detection system?

The prevention of gas leaks plays an important role in the protection of persons and property.

The main role of the sensors is to detect any leaks that could reduce the oxygen content of the ambient air, or result in the concentration limit authorized for the safety of persons being exceeded.