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Fume extraction

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Fume extraction

fume extraction
fume extraction
fume extraction
fume extraction

Fume extraction methods

There are four ways to extract fumes from a building:

  • Natural/natural fume extraction
  • Mechanical/natural fume extraction
  • Natural/mechanical fume extraction
  • Mechanical/mechanical fume extraction


Natural/natural fume extraction


The fumes are extracted by natural fume and heat extraction devices. These devices are made up of fume discharges and fume extraction flaps.



Mechanical/natural fume extraction


The fumes are evacuated by ducts connected to an extraction fan.



Natural/mechanical fume extraction


This combined method is suited to buildings with several floors.



Mechanical/mechanical fume extraction


This method is used in places where ventilation directly to the exterior is not possible (basements, parking lots).


Fume extraction systems

Fume extraction in large and medium-sized buildings


The fumes can be extracted by sweeping or creating negative pressure inside the building, or a combination of the two.

In large buildings, the volumes must be divided up into sections and the following measures must be taken:

  • compartmentalize with partitioning screens, suspended dividers or walls, automatic doors and valves,
  • premises measuring more than 2,000 m2 or 60 m in length must be divided into sections of sizes that are as equal as possible,
  • the height of the smoke-free zone must not be less than 2 m (above the doors).


Fume extraction in corridors and passageways


These are the routes used by employees to evacuate the building and by the emergency services to gain access.

Fume extraction in these zones is natural or mechanical.



Fume extraction in stairwells


Fumes must be extracted from stairways to make it easier to evacuate and to enter the building.

Fumes are extracted naturally through openings at the top and the foot of the stairs. The controls are positioned at the foot of the stairs.

Maintenance of fume extraction installations

fume extraction

French labor law and APSAD rule R17 require an annual check of the fume extraction equipment, including a conclusive operating test by a certified organization.

Promat Sécurité can perform the regulatory checks of your equipment.

The following items must be checked:

  • controls, discharges, flaps, distribution networks, etc.
  • the condition of the equipment,
  • the airtightness of the ducts,
  • the capacity to permanently meet the changing needs of the building.

Regulations and obligations to install fume extraction systems

fume extraction system regulations